We let your team shine is a motto Stefanie Demeyere lives by. To attract new clients in the hospitality sector, we helped her with a shiny new website.

Let’s kick off

First things first: before we set things in motion, we always start with a kick-off meeting. The objective? A deep-dive into the ambition, targets, KPIs, … Or, a thorough analysis as the necessary basis to start any project. From the very beginning, it was clear that Stefanie’s website had a too complex structure on the one hand and didn’t attract enough attention on the other.

Go back to the essence

Although we were limited working with the CMS in place, we managed to propose a more straightforward website structure with clear CTAs.

Next to that we mainly focused on content creation and imagery to captivate the attention of her hospitality clients and new prospects.

End result? A happy client!

“What a tremendously pleasant and professional collaboration with Studio Nestor.
Saar enjoys a direct empathy with the philosophy and manages to articulate it beautifully. In addition, she is very creatively collaborative.”
Stefanie Demeyere, owner Seranie

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