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Recupel is a Belgian non-profit organization responsible for the collection and recycling of old electronical appliances. Sounds dull? Let’s translate: out-of-the box campaigns make sure consumers are more aware that recycling their appliances has a positive impact on the environment.

3.2 million unused phones are gathering dust in Belgian households. That’s a real pity: a phone is full of valuable raw materials that can be reused for the production of new items. The more we recycle, the less new primary raw materials we need to extract. Better for our planet!    

One of the main reasons people don’t recycle their phone is the sentimental value they attach to it. Pictures, a game of Snake on your Nokia 3310, … Recupel translated this insight into a creative campaign: a phone funeral to say a final goodbye to our phones.  

National press coverage

On a sunny Sunday, Bert Kruismans led the ceremony in chapel Les Brigittines together with a gospel choir and a handful influencers who supported our campaign.  

My role as spokesperson was to trigger the media to attend the event, to write an article about the issue to raise awareness and to act as spokesperson in front of the camera.   

Mission accomplished? Our campaign was aired on the 4 VRT journals (1pm, 6pm, 7pm and 10pm), on RTL and throughout the day on radio. Thanks to the useful imagery, there was also widespread coverage online and on social media.   

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